Turn Events intoCommunities

The online event platform that makes conversations fun. Online to Hybrid, presentations to parties, talking to chatting. The new home for your community.

Online Events where people can connect

Stream your live event to your communities virtual spaces to turn a single event into many. Multiple Stages. audience chat, Q&A, mixing multiple speakers and screen-shares, upload to youtube and facebook means you reach your maximum audience.

One event, many stages, many audiences

The key to growing a community is that people come for the event but stay for the people. No more zoom fatigue with spaces supporting 2-200 avatars intuitively joining conversations, leaving conversations and awkwardness free side-conversations.

Add more fun

We built in games and icebreakers so your events can almost run themselves. Help your audience meet new random friends and stay engaged with games, emoji reactions, sound effects, stickers and more.

Metaverse on Mobile

Moving an avatar in a 2D space in native apps for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS lets your audience create genuine connections from anywhere while maintaining privacy. Better networking by expressive avatars that sync to your face and show who you are paying attention to.

Stay connected between events

Your communities live past your events, now grow your community each time you have an event and let them continue conversations with posts, chatrooms, threads and more.


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