Crypto Zombies Live 2022-09-03

Sat, 3 Sept 2022, 08:00 EDT (Sat, Sep 3, 2022, 12:00 PM UTC)

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Cryptozombies is changing up the classic formula. Over the last four years we have taught over 500,000 people the basics of blockchain development. Even VCs were able to finish the course, so we think it’s very accessible to anyone with an interest in blockchain development.

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Details of this next event

This is Andrei from CryptoZombies, and I would love to see you at our Solidity Fundamentals live event on the

  • 3rd of Sept at 12:00 UTC.

Not sure what that is in your time zone? Check the list below:

  • USA (EDT): 3rd of Sept at 08:00
  • India (IST): 3rd of Sept 17:30
  • China (CST): 3rd of Sept at 20:00

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The instructor is Ed Zynda, a full-stack developer specializing in Web3 and blockchain technologies. He has over ten years of experience with languages like PHP, Javascript, Go, and Solidity. Ed will be doing live coding, and answering questions as the event goes on. Participants will be able to network, collaborate, and enjoy a few games during the event. Thanks to the Spatial Audio provided by the Happen platform you’ll be able to form ad-hoc groups to discuss topics of interest and help each other with the course.

By attending the Solidity Fundamentals live event you'll learn the basics of blockchain development as well as the skills you need to create your first dApp.

Note: event will happen on a development version of Happen, a new online event platform.
It's a work in progress but got feedback? Let us know!

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